7 Fall Fun Ideas for Moncton New Brunswick for 2020

7 fall fun ideas for moncton new brunswick zoo mural art parks wine tidal bore rock-climbing museum

Moncton, nicknamed the “Hub City,” is the perfect place for exploring the Maritimes. Centrally located, this historical and bilingual city of almost 150,000 people in the Greater Moncton, was officially founded in 1766. In addition to being a hub for the rest of the Maritimes, Moncton also boasts its own unique attractions that give visitors plenty to do while staying there. With fall now upon us, let’s explore seven ways to have fun in Moncton during the autumn season.

1) Magnetic Hill Zoo

Magnetic Hill Zoo Moncton


(17 minutes from our Hotel)
Magnetic Hill Zoo is the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada attracting more than 170,000 visitors each year. The Zoo is open year-round, and on a regular basis daily until the end of November. The Zoo features hundreds of both local and exotic wildlife spread over many acres to explore.

While the big cats – tigers and lions – are always a crowd favourite, new to the Zoo are two species of fox, red and black, two new otters, and an unusually large guinea pig. Admission ranges from $5-$16, from child, youth and adult, and children aged three and under are admitted free. Tickets can also be purchased online.

2) Rock Climbing


(14 minutes from our Hotel)

Rock Climbing. Looking for a fun work-out? Whether you’re a couple, a family or just flying solo, indoor rock climbing can be your adventure, rain or shine. FitRocks Climbing Gym in Moncton offers a variety of climbing options, whether you are an experienced pro or a newbie beginner.

There are bouldering walls that can be tackled without ropes and harness. There are also rope walls for hard core climbers who like to repel. Day passes are $18 for adults and $15 for students. If you do not have proper footwear or chalk for gripping, you can get both at the gym for a nominal extra fee.

The gym is open afternoons, evenings and some morning but you should check the website as exact hours vary.

3) Tidal Bore


(8 minutes from our Hotel)

Tidal Bore. Canada’s Bay of Fundy is home to the world famous Tidal Bore. The Petitcodiac River that flows straight into Moncton from the bay is a perfect spot to view this sudden rising tide phenomenon.

Home to some of the world’s highest tides, more than 100 billion gallons of water come flowing in twice a day. You can check the Government of Canada website for bore times (just Google tidal bore Moncton).

You can also visit Resurgo Place prior to the tide for an interpretative look at this ocean wonder.

4) Resurgo Place Museum and Discovery Centre

Resurgo Place Museum and Discovery Centre


(5 minutes from our Hotel)

Resurgo Place Museum and Discovery Centre. Named after a Latin word that means “I Rise Again,” Resurgo Place is a must stop for Moncton visitors especially, and local as well. Resurgo Place is home to the Moncton Museum and other heritage facilities that give a dramatic historical account of the city.

There is also a Discovery and Learning Centre that focuses on the history of transportation. However, you should check the website to see if its open because it was temporarily closed due to Convid-19. Admission prices run from just $3 for children and youth to $7 for adults, and $6 for seniors.

Resurgo Place is open daily from 10 am to either 5 pm or 4 pm, depending on the day of the week. It is also home to Moncton’s Visitor Information Centre, another great reason to visit.

5) Mural Art Tour


(all through Moncton)

Mural Art Tour. Spectacular artwork from the province’s finest artists is on bold display throughout the city. A series of 27 large, colourful, dramatic and amusing murals are depicted on buildings and in locations across the Greater Moncton area.

Mural art ranges in style from a 3D giant eel to a collage of a prominent Mi’kmaq woman to thought-provoking spiritual and earthy artistic concepts. Maps of the Art Mural Tour can be obtained at the Visitor Information Centre in Resurgo Place.

6) Magnetic Hill Winery


(16 minutes from our Hotel)

Magnetic Hill Winery. A chance to sample some national award-winning wines produced by a family run winery awaits you at Magnetic Hill Winery.

The winery is open from 1-6 pm Wednesday through Sunday, but Saturdays are pretty much booked. The winery’s extensive list of wines includes it Double Gold winning Evangeline Blanc, named after the Acadian cultural story Evangeline.

This fun and fruity strawberry rhubarb wine resembles a German Riesling, as it is smooth and crisp. The winery offers both tours and tastings. It prefers reservations but drop-ins are welcome, too.

7) Explore the Great Outdoors


(all through Moncton)

Explore the Great Outdoors. No list of things to do in Moncton would be complete with including its beautiful parks. The Moncton area has a number of popular parks to explore. Centennial Park, located 801 St. George Blvd, is a mix of lush forest and open spaces, ideal for hiking, biking, strollers and other recreational activities.

Irishtown Nature Park, located at 1155 Elmwood Drive, is large 890-hectare varied terrain of forest, marshland and a lake that is perfect for nature lovers year-round.

The park is popular with bird watchers and contains an historic one-room schoolhouse and museum. Mapleton Park, located at 600 Mapleton Road, is a 122-hectare park that features interpretative trails that explain the area’s eco-system and ecology, which includes wetlands, birds and vegetation.

Riverview Park, located at 110 Assomption Blvd, runs a long the banks of the Petitcodiac River and includes access to the Tidal Bore and a paved portion to downtown Moncton.