12 Top Exciting Adventures and Activities to do in New Brunswick for 2020

12 top places New Brunswick

New Brunswick is home to some of the most beautiful places to visit and adventures to pursue. We have compiled 12 awesome New Brunswick destinations for you to take in this year!

1) Tidal Bore

riverview tidal bore Petitcodiac River Moncton Riverview

Enjoy the wonders of the Tidal Bore in New Brunswick Canada. This occurs along the Petitcodiac River near Moncton and Riverview and is a naturally occurring phenomenon. This is caused by the surging waters from the Bay of Fundy tides which are the highest tides in the world. This surge roars up the Petitcodiac River twice daily during the changing tides.

The Tidal Bore occurs twice per day and creates a thick wave of water from the higher waters. These higher waters from the Bay of Fundy run up the placid Petitcodiac River and roll back upstream in one wave. These waves can vary in height from 3 cm (1 in.) to 60 cm (24 in.).

Just as spectacular is the rapid and dramatic change in the river itself. At low tide the muddy river bottom is often visible until arrival of the Tidal Bore. Within an hour, the water level rises some 7.5 m (25 ft.), filling the river to its banks.


2) Beaches

beaches New Brunswick Northumberland Strait Kouchibouguac National Park Parlee Beach Murray Beach Bouctouche Dune Aboiteau Beach

Our beautiful New Brunswick beaches are home to the warmest saltwater beaches in all of Canada. Warmer than anything north of the state of Virginia, we have a wide variety of beautiful, warm, sandy beaches. Along New Brunswick’s Northumberland Strait you will find Kouchibouguac National Park, Parlee Beach, and Murray Beach provincial parks.

Also, be sure to check out Bouctouche Dune, and Aboiteau Beach. Combine shallow waters with a warm current originating from Florida and you have the best beach destinations in all of Canada.


3) Golfing

golfing Algonquin Resort in St Andrews Mountain Woods Golf Club Moncton Golf Country Club Country Meadows Golf Club Royal Oaks Golf Club

The golf enthusiast can enjoy a wide number of beautiful golf courses within the province of New Brunswick. The 18 holes at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews is acknowledged as the best golf course in the province. Also, the city of Moncton has two local golf courses and another 11 golf courses within 20 minutes of the city.

These golf courses include Mountain Woods Golf Club, Moncton Golf and Country Club. As well as Country Meadows Golf Club and Royal Oaks Golf Club to name just a few.With so many choices, the golf enthusiast will have no problem choosing from a wide variety of golf courses. All within our wonderful province of New Brunswick.


4) Magnetic Hill Zoo

Magnetic Hill Zoo tigers African lion Ankole cattle Arctic wolf Bald eagle Barn owl

Love animals? Magnetic Hill Zoo is a 16-hectare zoo located adjacent to Magnetic Hill and the Magic Mountain. All located in the Magnetic Hill Area of Moncton, New Brunswick.

The zoo has over 600 animals as well as indigenous and exotic species including Birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and fish. This had made Magnetic Hill Zoo the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada.

The zoo was rated fourth on a list of Canada’s top ten zoos in 2008.


5) Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain The Tornado The Lazy River body slides

Spend a day at Magic Mountain, a family water park located in Moncton, New Brunswick. It is the largest man-made tourist attraction in Atlantic Canada.
The park features The Tornado – a 400-foot enclosed tube slide and The Lazy River – a 1/4 mile tube ride.

Also The Giant Twister Slides – comprising three body slides. Thrill seekers will love The Kamikaze – a speed slide that goes almost on a straight down drop. Over 100 feet tall, sliders can reach speeds of 40 MPH. Finally cool off with The Wave Pool – a pool featuring waves five to six feet tall.

After spending a fun filled time on the various water slides, you can play a round of mini golf. The park provides a 36 hole mini golf course.


6) Fundy Trail Parkway

Fundy Trail Parkway St Martins Interpretive Centre suspension footbridge Big Salmon River

Experience the spectacular Bay of Fundy coastline at The Fundy Trail Parkway, located 10km east of the town of St. Martins. Visitors to this low-speed auto parkway and walking/cycling trail will wind past pristine beaches, waterfalls tumbling down ancient cliffs. Also travel along a shoreline sculpted by thousands of years of the world’s highest tides.

Bring your camera and expect to stop often to take in glorious vistas at the many lookouts along the way. Be sure to stop in at the Interpretive Centre and take a short hike across the suspension footbridge. This bridge stretches across the clear waters of Big Salmon River.


7) Bay of Fundy National Park

Bay of Fundy National Park kayak waterfalls Acadian forests camping

Experience the world’s highest tides, pristine forests, deluxe campgrounds and a taste of Atlantic Canada culture at Fundy National Park. A 60-minute drive outside Moncton.

Paddle in a kayak as the waters rise up to 12 metres or more. Walk the otherworldly ocean floor at low tide. Or venture inland where trails lead to waterfalls deep in Acadian forests.

With unique camping options including yurts and even regular music performances, Fundy National Park is a Maritime treasure.


8) Hopewell Rocks Park

Hopewell Rocks Park Rocks Provincial Park Fundy Trail kayaking wildlife

Hopewell Rocks is a natural wonder, also called Rocks Provincial Park. This park is located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy at Hopewell Cape, 47 km/35 minutes from Moncton. Along with Fundy National Park, it is the main attraction of the New Brunswick Fundy Trail.

The rocks found at Hopewell Rocks Park are formations caused by tidal erosion and stand 40 to 70 feet tall. Visitors can watch tides come in and out, go kayaking at high tide and walk the ocean’s floor at low tide.

Also, you can explore caves and watch wildlife such as shorebirds and peregrine falcons. You can also have a picnic or relax on the High Tide Café’s outdoor deck.

9) Whale Watching

Whale Watching whale spouting Bay of Fundy St Andrews Grand Manan Campobello Island

Imagine the excitement when you first view the blow of a whale spouting. The Bay of Fundy is teeming with wildlife and is a critical habitat for many species of whales and dolphins. Home to over eight species of whales and a whale population that can exceed 300 at any one time.

The Bay of Fundy is a fantastic destination for whale watchers. Bay of Fundy whale watching tours are run out of St. Andrews, Grand Manan and Campobello Island in New Brunswick.


10) Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Island Bay of Fundy kayaking mountain biking nature walks tidal treasures artisan crafts The-Hole-In-The-Wall

Grand Manan rests in the mid-western end of the Bay of Fundy and is known for offering dramatic coastal hiking. Also kayaking, mountain biking, nature walks, combing for tidal treasures and artisan crafts.

Here you can treat yourself to fresh lobster while taking in the magnificent sunset. There is a number of freshwater ponds, lakes and beaches that are prime locations for sunbathing, beachcombing, and picnics.

Other interesting finds on Grand Manan are magnetic sand, and « The Hole-In-The Wall ». This is located in Whale Cove in the village of North Head.

Anchorage Provincial Park can be found on the island’s southeastern coast between the communities of Grand Harbour and Seal Cove.


11) Kingsbrae Garden

Kingsbrae Garden St Andrews perennial plants themed gardens engaging animals annual National Sculpture Competition

A magnificent 27-acre horticultural garden located in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Kingsbrae Garden has much to offer.

It has over 50,000 perennial plants in many themed gardens, engaging animals and an annual National Sculpture Competition. As well as ponds, streams, old-growth Acadian forest and activities for children.

Fine cuisine using the freshest of New Brunswick’s products are prepared by award winning Chef Alex Haun in the Garden Café. Kingsbrae Garden is also home to dozens of beautiful sculptures, an art studio and interactive art classes.


12) Reversing Falls, Stonehammer Geopark

Reversing Falls Stonehammer Geopark Saint John Ice Age River

This picturesque landscape was created by the collision of continents, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes and ice ages over 11,000 years ago. Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark is a natural playground that includes amazing hands-on ways to experience geological history.

Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, there is adventure in every corner.Climb volcanic rocks, dine from a geologically inspired menu, paddle an Ice Age River, cruise twisted rivers and much more.

The Reversing Falls is an amazing site to behold. Watch the Bay of Fundy’s monstrously high tide reverse the flow of the mighty Saint John River. Get a bird’s eye view on the waves and whirlpools that result from this amazing phenomenon.


In conclusion, we invite you to explore our great province full of fun adventures. Leave a comment on what you love about New Brunswick.